Meridian stress assessment near me

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Offer your patients an early warning test for cardio problems that might otherwise go undetected! Get more information on this cardio wave analyzer. Click here to see more video demonstrations of this Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer in use.

meridian stress assessment near me

It provides information by way of a non-invasive, infrared light fingertip probe. The measurement probe consists of a light-emitting diode infrared LED and a photodiode placed on the opposite side of a finger as a light receiver.

The Photodiode detects the changes in the amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin, which tracks against time the density of blood in the fingertip, allowing the device to graph the pulse of blood flowing from the heart. The Meridian DPA converts the changes of transmitted light into a waveform and displays digital values of pulse rate as well as a graphic display of the pulse waveform and indices on the LCD screen.

PWV is used clinically as a measure of arterial stiffness. It indicates the regulation status and balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Early stage exam of cardiovascular diseases by Cardio waveform measurement and analysis. Non -Invasive Our device uses a small clip that you place over the patients finger which detects the changes in pressure, blood flow and velocity through the full arterial pulse wave cycle. Important Tool for Prognosis Measuring the arterial pulse wave and using this to estimate the characteristics of the blood vessel walls and pulsatile function of arteries means that the practitioner has important prognostic and therapeutic information far beyond what can be obtained through traditional blood pressure measurements.

You are able to provide your high-cardio-risk patients with a clear picture of their risk factors well in advance of serious or even life threatening events. You are also able to screen all patients for cardiovascular issues that may not be showing symptoms, keeping in mind that most heart attacks and strokes occur in patients with no prior symptoms.

This equipment is for use by Doctors, Nutritionists and Chiropractors who wish to have a clear picture of their patients arterial health.

Contact us to find out more about how your patients can benefit from these tests. Click Here to Access Software Support. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Early Detection of Cardio Issues Offer your patients an early warning test for cardio problems that might otherwise go undetected! Call Click here to see more video demonstrations of this Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer in use. Isn't it time to start effective screening for heart disease?

meridian stress assessment near me

Hear What Doctors Have to Say! Certainty in practice is what gives me the ability to build a strong professional relationship with my patients. The Meridian DPA is in a class of its own, when it comes to some of the technology that I depend on to communicate with my patients and to create the trust that we depend upon to move us towards the clinical excellence that we strive for.

The Meridian Medical DPA system is one of the best medical tools I have ever used and provides one of the most comprehensive cardiovascular screenings available. My work as a health practitioner over the past 20 years or so, with a particular focus on cardio issues, has been wonderfully enhanced through the use of this particular DPA system. The DPA is easy to use and has proven to be a valuable tool for patient education. It has been helpful as a screening device and in quantifying effectiveness of treatment protocols".

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death. Early stage exam of cardiovascular diseases by Cardio waveform measurement and analysis Early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis and peripheral circulatory disturbance. Analysis on blood circulation status Analysis on blood vessel aging status Ability to plan the treatment and follow up with the patient under treatment at an early stage 2.

Body response on stress evaluation Makes it easy to evaluate the treatment methods or effectiveness of medicine 3.

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User friendly operation Simple exam procedure Quick 1 — 5 minute measurement time Convenient operation by automatic measurement and analysis Simple and fast operation by using Window software Easy management of the patient database FDA Approved This device is FDA approved. Arterial Health This equipment is for use by Doctors, Nutritionists and Chiropractors who wish to have a clear picture of their patients arterial health.

Call For more documented research on MSA Testing please visit this link. More than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. Simply speaking, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms.

Meridian Stress Assessment MSA helps detect and identify these energetic and regulatory disturbances. Functional disturbances can be detected early— even from the very beginning of a pred-clinical phase when you display symptoms, but nobody can identify their cause. Disease does not begin with pathology but with a pre-clinical phase.

Functional disturbances occur when a living organism can no longer compensate adequately for changes in the environment. Environmental changes include both internal conditions of the body and external circumstances.

Ideally, it would make good sense to assess a patient using functional evaluation methods and treatment protocols. MSA testing is a form of bioenergetic testing intended to bridge the existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps. Backed by over 40 years of research, Qest4 technology clearly continues to deliver results. The new Qest4 Mobile version with bluetooth is no exception.

Economically, considerable time and substantial amounts of money could be saved simply by taking advantage of the benefits of this powerful technology in the emerging field of functional medicine. The meridians, or energetic pathways, create a network through which we can assess the functional status of your body. The existence of these data access points and energetic pathways have been validated using radioactive isotope imaging. The amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of the organ, gland, or system reveals the functional status of the tissues.

Because the assessment is based on defined parameters of health, any deviation from this standard can be readily detected. This allows us to see a true picture of how your body is actually functioning. Once we have identified the problem areas in the body, we pre-screen potential therapeutic options. We send representative electromagnetic signatures of remedies to the body and measure its response Nationally and internationally, patients have reported over 80 percent satisfaction with the results of MSA testing and Functional Medicine.

On average, three to twelve visits are needed to fully restore optimum balanced energy. After each visit, you should notice positive changes in your health and an overall reduction of your symptoms. Discover how this advanced technology can benefit you and your family!

Functional Medicine More than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. What is MSA testing? Click here for information on MSA Training. Click here for information on purchasing a MSA System. Products Vitamins Herbs Homeopathics Phenolics. All Rights Reserved.In an effort to monitor ourselves and stay healthy, our bodies give out and receive information about the world around us.

However, we also absorb toxins that surround us during this process. Sickness results as a natural response to our bodies trying to fight off these toxins. It can reveal itself through fatigue, indigestion, headaches, joint pain, anxiety, depression, etc. Carrie is greatly admired for her unconditional love and devotion to her patients, from infant to geriatric.

Janalee is a registered nurse and Certified MSA Technician with advanced training in clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, and homeopathy. Her traditional medical background working in Newborn Intensive Care Units, combined with the holistic approach of MSA, makes her a unique technician. Janalee loves gardening and music. She has worked at Peterson Wellness in one capacity or another for over 16 years. As a mother of four, five if you count her husband, she has a very busy life.

Give us a call to learn more about how the Peterson Wellness Center can help you. Meridian Stress Assessment. About MSA. MSA technicians. Carrie Jolley. Janalee Stinger. Chalyce Martin.

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Shelley Harris. Common conditions treated. Parasites Nutritional deficiences Environmental sensitivities Seasonal allergies Emotional disturbances. Schedule an appointment. Call Call Email us Email us.

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Contact Us. Start typing and press Enter to search.Improve your practice with BioScan.

meridian stress assessment near me

These programs are great for those utilizing holistic healing methods, natural stress therapy, and those in clinical spaces. I am continually amazed at the awesome results I see with my patients. We are able to assess the root of the body's dysfunction as opposed to guessing or missing the mark. My practice has grown exponentially as a result of these tools and I cannot recommend them more highly. Christine Stueve, D. After 2 treatments, she came to the house and I questioned her on her symptoms.

She said it happens when she holds the cats. She had this reaction to cats as a young child and this treatment is the only thing that has made a dramatic difference in her reaction to cats. Leo Arcand, D. When he came back for his 3rd visit, he told me that the congestion was gone and he could breathe through his nose once again. He wants his younger brother to come in for help with his allergies. Just wanted to share another success story!

We inquired if she worked at the zoo at some point But she lived in the middle east for 4 years as a young woman, her dad was an oil man and she frequently rode and worked with camels.

Thomas Tumbarello, D. Regardless of the type of healthcare, BioScan can enhance your business, improve outcomes, and increase revenue in just 15 minutes.

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Learn how BioScan improves your quality of care. Upgrades, Marketing, Training and Support. Find a BioScan specialist who can help you. So what does this mean for you? This improves compliance, increases revenue, and boosts satisfaction. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Necessary Always Enabled.Chiropractic is one of the most amazing healthcare professions, but very few people understand what it's all about.

BioMeridian Testing Practitioners

This article is here to help you gain a basic understanding of how our Grand Junction chiropractors can help you and your family. We offer DOT physicals and sports physicals for you and your children, massage therapy, supplements, and DME supplies just to name some things.

Call us or come in to check out what we have to offer you. Chiropractic care is the practice of using spinal alignment to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments, including muscle strain, neck pain, chronic back pain, and more.

This is accomplished by adjusting the position of the spinal column to its proper shape, providing a non-invasive solution for pain relief. Many people dismiss chiropractic as being something only for back pain, but chiropractic treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, such as migraines and headaches, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, pain due to injury or muscle strain, and much more.

InD. Palmer performed a chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard, who later reported that his hearing had improved due to the change. Palmer opened the first chiropractic school two years later, and in the century since, chiropractic professionals have used spinal adjustments to help people prevent and cope with back pain, carpal tunnel, muscle strain, headaches and migraines, and a variety of other physical ailments.

Millions of people benefit from the work of Dr. Palmer today. Chiropractic doctors go through a minimum of four years of schooling at a chiropractic college, generally preceded by an undergraduate degree in the basic sciences or several years of experience in a prior relevant health care field. Students of chiropractic care must spend a minimum of at least 4, hours with their teacher, and a minimum of 1, hours of fully supervised clinical training with an instructor as they learn the appropriate diagnosis and treatment techniques to help heal your body and restore it to its natural, fully functioning state.

This guide will help you find the best chiropractic clinic in Grand Junction for you. When most people in Grand Junction decide they need a chiropractor, they end up doing a search and just picking someone at the top.

Being at the top of Google for the chiropractic search does not necessarily mean they are the best chiropractor for you. Follow the steps below to make sure you are picking the right chiropractor for you. The best chiropractors in Grand Junction put as much care into their website as they do into the rest of their office. By reviewing their website you will get a good feel for the doctor and if they are right for you. Check out the Google Business Page of a chiropractic clinic you are thinking about visiting.

It is easy for someone to say they are great, it's a different story to get other people to say great things about you. Now that you have a basic understanding of what the office is about. Give them a call to make sure they fit the message that their website and GMB have been sending. You will know in a few minutes whether the office is the right one for you.

Chiropractic Care. Spine Related.Voll's point scale. An optimal reading is Robyn Bell, Homeopath and Herbalist.

Vega Testing is listed as one of the services. Voll ". Listed in Acupuncture.

Bio Meridian Scan

EDS utilizes the body's energy field to determine energetic causes of physical problems. It was discovered that there are multiple factors and toxins which cause chronic disease.

EAV is able to identify these. Voll And Dr. This study, reported in the American Journal of Acupuncture,revealed that it was non-invasive but demonstrated great sensitivity. D Uses "Electro-acupuncture according to Voll".

Sheila's Health Spa Uses " electrodermal screening ". Kulhay Wellness Centre. Norman Allan Lists "electrodermal screening" as one of the modalities practiced at his clinic.

He has a unique theory to explain how it works:. From Dowsing,Divining and Diagnosis. We came out of these studies with two slightly different opinions. It is this low signal to noise ratio that allows EDT to be used as a divining device. The technician, unconsciously, holds the probe in the spot a little longer, presses a little harder, angles the probe a little different.

Another one]. Examining the probe under a binocular microscope one could see patterns of corrosion which would change the reading with changes in the angle at which the probe was held.As I understand it, biomeridian stress tests and biomeridian testing in general involve the use of a machine that supposedly measures energy flows along channels meridians connecting acupuncture points.

This clearance was obtained by claiming that the devices are used only for biofeedback or measuring electrical resistance of the skin. Biomeridian tests purportedly reveal weaknesses in energy, sensitivities to substances such as dust or mold, and spinal misalignments that disturb energy flow.

Results also are said to indicate the dietary supplements that should be taken to restore healthy energy balance. Those supplements are conveniently sold by the practitioner who conducts the tests, and you may be told to come back as often as once a week or once a month for follow-up testing to learn whether or not the treatment is working.

I can find no scientific data attesting to the validity of biomeridian testing. However, studies in England and Australia have shown that it does not accurately diagnose allergies. My advice: save your money. Stay Connected With Dr. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Follow Dr. Trending Now.